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How Many Beds Does a Dog Need?

Your dog needs at least one bed to call his own, like the wild canids before him—and his human family members, now. Keep him comfortable no matter where he prefers to snooze with multiple dog beds available to him throughout the house, or if you travel regularly, or have a camp or cabin, you may want additional dog beds for other locations. Instead of relocating a single dog bed throughout the day, use multiple dog beds to provide options for your companion so he can have a cozy spot in his usual hangouts. Offer supportive places wherever he likes to relax, like in the living room, the kitchen, on the porch, and on the floor beside your bed. Opting to rest on the floor in your office rather than in the dog bed you placed in an empty room isn’t necessarily a sign he doesn’t like the bed. He probably wants to keep an eye on you—add a bed in areas he frequents to create spaces that are all his.

And don’t forget your dog needs a bed in his crate: When you must leave your dog behind, a dog bed offers more support than the cold, hard floor of his crate. Start training your puppy to sleep in his dog bed, or crate when he’s young, so he develops a sense of his own ‘home’ as soon as possible. When you’re sure your puppy (or adult dog) is able to spend a stretch in his crate without shredding his bedding or toys, it’s time to upgrade to a dog bed. A memory foam or lofty, cushioned fiberfill bed gives your dog a little extra support while he’s waiting for you to return. A bolster-style bed allows him to lean against the crate without pressing into its wire sides, gives him a place to rest his chin, and provides a bit of security for the dog who prefers to snooze curled up.

This goes for the vehicle, too. Keep a durable, indoor/outdoor bed in your dog’s travel crate or in the back of the car for his comfort and security on road trips.


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