Product Features

Item: Pet Blanket

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Enzopet

Feature: Washable

Wash Style: Mechanical Wash

Material: Flannel

Size: customization

MOQ: 100pcs

Color: customization

Logo: Customized Logo

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Who we are?

Holding over 9 Years of Experience. Enzo Pet has been developing, producing, and marketing Pet products for more than 9
years. Our products range includes Pet bed (high density memory foam bed, heated bed, cooling gel mat), pet blanket, pet
clothes... The material available are single-,double-sided fabric, fleece, jacquard cloth, PU leather, faux fur, linen, pp cotton,
foam(memory foam), anti-slip cloth. We have 2 main factories for Pet Beds & Accessories and Foam

Why choose us?

We are working with Retailers and Distributors from US and Europe.
We have in-house designers team to keep our catalog updated. Our experienced designs are the Reason why retailers and distributors
from US and Europe come to us.
Currently, our sophisticated R&D team produces a catalog with more than 200 items and develops 500 fresh items every years.
Moreover, we welcome your ideas, and we usually rely on our advanced silkscreen techniques to fill customized orders.
Orders Delivered in 30 Days
We have 4 production lines. We deliver your off-shelf and OEM orders in seven to 45 days.


1. Do dogs actually like dog beds?
We all know that our dogs need a comfortable space to sleep.While they can sleep almost anywhere at any time,a dog bed would provide them a safe and comfortable place to retreat to when they need time alone.This will also help to instil discipline as they'll be trained to sleep in a designated space.

2. Do dogs need a soft bed to sleep on?
That's a common misconception!Dogs actually need firm beds that aren't too soft,as this will provide sufficient support for their joints.This is especially true for senior dogs that many find it hard to get in and out of bed.Common materials that pawrents opt for are polyester,microfiber and suede.

3. Are high beds bad for dogs?
An elevated bed may be good for younger dogs to provide ventilation(great for Singapore's warm weather)and firm,even
support.However,this may not be the best option for senior dogs as they'll have trouble jumping up and down unless a small flight of stairs is provided.

4. Do dogs need blankets to sleep?
Dogs love cuddles and that's the comfort that blankets bring them!If your dog sleeps in an airconditioned room,you can consider providing him with a weighted blanket for additional comfort.But if he's sleeping in a non-airconditioned room,he may not need a blanket in Singapore's weather.

5. How often should you wash the dog bed?
Dog beds should be washed thoroughly at least once a week or once every two weeks at the very last.In between washes,you're also advised to vacuum the bed regularly.
Enzo Pet Supplies is a leading pet supplies designer and manufacturer in China, mainly produces pet beds, pet mattress and blankets, foam products,etc.
Email: eric@enzopetsupplies.com
Phone: +86 23 88068734
Address: No.3, Meiqiao Road, JianQiao Industrial Park, Dadukou District, Chongqing, China 400084
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